Jungle Beauty Goddesses - No More Children -  Episode 4

Jungle Beauty Goddesses Book 3 Dirty Ball

Jungle Beauty Goddesses' Museum "The World's Largest Fabric Beings...because Cloth Dolls can't Talk"

The Jungle Beauty Goddesses Museum coming soon to 212 Michigan Avenue, Downtown Ypsilanti. Come see the bigger than life, Jungle Beauty Goddess Book characters to life in various emotional scenes exhibits using the 5 ft to 7 ft characters from slated 8 book fantasy fiction book series. Book 1, Pretty Blue Ball; Book 2, Crystal Ball; and Book 3, Dirty Ball are currently available for purchase via Amazon. Book 4, Crystal Ball will be released July 2023. The dominant themes throughout the series focuses on taking care of planet Earth ie global warming; the pitfalls and possibilities of experiencing a purposeful existence reaching our highest potential in our current earth suit.

Various soul stirring scenes and new characters will come to life every four months in to celebrate holiday seasons. Visitors will be encouraged to comeback to engage in the JBG Characters new artistic expressions exhibitions.

You will be able to immerse yourself into a scene and take selfies with the life size Jungle Beauty Goddess book characters and pull 3 cards from their oracle deck to see what message they have for you. (Visitors are not allowed to touch the fabric beings but will be assisted by museum staff).

I would like to share my passion for storytelling through the artistic expression of doll making. (I call my life size Jungle Beauty Goddess Book Characters cloth dolls “Fabric Beings” because of their sassy, otherworldly personalities and eclectic opinions.

The Jungle Beauty Goddess Dolls aka Fabric beings were created first and during a dream they told me why they came to planet Earth. The JBG Museum will have monthly intimate social programs for adults that teach the art of cloth doll making and storytelling and host Jungle Beauty Goddess Book Club Discussions.

Hours of Operation

The JBG Museum will be open to the Public 12 PM to 6 PM Tuesday through Friday and 10 AM to 4 PM on Saturdays.